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Direct Access allows you to instruct Sarah directly without the need to go through a solicitor. Historically, you had to instruct a solicitor in most cases before you could instruct a barrister to advise you or represent you in a hearing. Under Direct Access you can obtain specialist advice and representation without incurring solicitors' fees. There will always be complex cases where a solicitor is needed but Sarah can advise you of this and refer you to a specialist firm of solicitors if necessary. 

Why use a Direct Access Barrister?

  • Reduce your legal fees by avoiding the costs of a solicitor acting as intermediary.

  • As Sarah works mainly from home, her hourly rates are lower because she does not have the overheads of office buildings, staff etc.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of “cut-price” legal services providers, who rely on paralegals and unqualified representatives. Instead, obtain advice and representation from an experienced barrister whose main professional expertise is to appear in courts and tribunals. 

  • Sarah's advice is generally legally privileged and therefore does not have to be disclosed in any court or tribunal proceedings, whereas advice from a non-legally qualified consultant may have to be disclosed.

What can Sarah help me with?

  • User-friendly written advice regarding your legal problem and the strength of your case at any stage of the process i.e. before a claim is brought, after a claim has been started, prior to any hearing or regarding any appeal rights that you may have.
  • Drafting documents, (e.g. HR manuals, compromise/settlement agreements, disciplinary letters, grievances). 
  • Drafting court/tribunal documents (e.g.Employment Tribunal claims and responses, disclosure lists, representations to the Parole Board, witness statements)
  • Negotiations with opponents
  • ​Representation at hearings in the Employment Tribunal, Employment Appeals Tribunal, at Inquests or before the Parole Board.  
  • Attendance at judicial mediation hearings

How do I find out more about instructing Sarah under Direct Access?

Complete the form on the "Contacts" page and Sarah will contact you  to discuss your case within 48 hours.